A Resurrection?

Don’t mind me! I’m just sneaking in here as though it hasn’t been almost three years since I last posted anything. I’m contemplating resurrecting this lonely little blog, simply because I still feel like I have a lot to say about video games, but that depends entirely on how much extra time I can manage to squeeze out between work, school, and my new gig writing for adventuregamers.com (yay!). I also have a lot to say about more than just video games. My friends get tired of hearing me talk about why more ambiguous horror movies are important right now, why heavily flawed main characters like Frank Underwood and Jessica Jones are always important, or why Poe Dameron will be important to the new Star Wars canon. Maybe I’ll be back to talk about all that here, instead. Maybe this blog will transform. I’m going to let this idea simmer in the dark recesses of the internet for a while, and then we’ll see. I’ve already slightly updated the About page, so that could mean I’m serious about this…or something.


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