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The Autumn People


I started out as a community blogger and then wrote for Destructoid for about a year, contributing news, reviews, and features.

Flynn: Son of Crimson is as cathartic as they come

Coming home to video games

W-what’s that noise? Five horror games that use sound effectively

I’ve been flying through Fugl’s voxel world to relax

This mini-documentary makes me love Yoshitaka Amano even more

Review: Yomawari: Midnight Shadows

Review: Observer

2016: The Year of Frustration

Playing Oxenfree as a Perfectionist


I’ve written for Rely on Horror, a fantastic group of dedicated horror fans, since 2016. I mostly write news with the occasional review or feature.

The House Abandon Is a Tasty Morsel for Stranger Things Fans

Bloodborne Still Shines Two Years After Its Release

Review: Beckett

Review: The Final Station

Review: The Shrouded Isle


PC Gamer

Unwinnable Monthly:

A New York Adventure (The Blackwell series and Joseph Mitchell)

In the Suburbs I (Stardew Valley and Arcade Fire)

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